How To Use Windows Icons and The places to get them?

Windows XP has made intense use of internet pictorials which is the foremost rationale for its customer fanbase. The innovative GUI or graphical user interface makes it smooth for even the novice user to supplydata with considerable ease. If you have to open a program, all you need to do is click on the graphical depiction or the Windows icons on the desktop. You can also change these windows icons to make the appearance of your screen cater to your liking.

icons for Windows 7

If you are pondering over why you should lift your fingers for altering the computer graphics, the answer is very clear, folks get bored of seeing usual computer graphics all the time and altering the Windows icons can present a new working atmosphere for people who work long hours on computer. This just means that choosing new computer graphics can literally help to improve your work efficiency. If you have not tried changing the iconson your computer screen as yet; here are certain simple guidelines that will make the process hasslefree.

  • The initial step is to; needless to say, start the desktop or laptop and let Windows start as usual
  • When you are at the desktop, click on the start button which is at the bottom of the screen on the right hand corner of the screen; this should result in the popping up of a menu, check for the tab “My computer” and click on it. An alternate way is to get to the computer storage is through a double click on the “My computer” icon on the desktop; this is normally the topmost icon on the screen; but, you can only observe it if it has been enabledlyou have enabled it on the desktop.
  • The next step is to check for the function associated with the icon. You have to find out the location of the application in the computer or you could use the search option in the start menu to look for the file and pinpoint its exact placement
  • After finding the application, right click on it and a menu should pop up, click on the on the option that read “properties”..
  • Its quite straight forward to locate the the option for “change icon”, clicking on it will direct you to a section that will include a couple of icons that can be applied to your selection. However, often, you may not be able to find the change icon button, in this situation, you will need to make a desktop icon; to do so, get rid the menu for properties and use the right button on your mouse to reach the precceding menu, here you can seea different menu item that says “send to desktop” or “create shortcut”, click on the this button and get back to the screen that you started on, you can now see the function with the standard Widows icon. Now, you have to right click on it and change the graphic depiction.
  • If you cannot notice the image that suits your preference in the window, rummage through the system to find a preffered web graphicsWhere can you get impressive web graphics?
    There are numerous online establishments that provide free web graphic libraries; as a matter of fact, several establishments provide images for a variety of industries. If you are not impressed the feel of the free iages, windows icons are easily available at cost effective figures.
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