Motif Narrative Helps You to Start a Striking Story

Motif narrative is an element that has used as symbolic in a story. In this way, motif narrative can help the users to produce aspects for a good theme story. A motif narrative may be evolved through the use of structural components, imaginary, and narrative elements. You can get all sort of information about motif narrative from modern American literature “green light” and it has found in the novel of The Great Gatsby which has written by F. Scott Fitzgerald.

However, the narrative can involve in multiple motifs of assortment genres. If you are looking for the Shakespeare story, you can know the using style of motif narrative. If you want to start a striking theme story, then you need to use the motif narrative type of words. In this way, you can fully maintain your striking story among all. Also, you can follow this above mention book for getting right technique to use the motif narrative in a story. Whereas it might appear interchangeable with related concept theme, term ‘motif’ does vary somewhat in the usage. Number of the narrative elements with the symbolic significance is classified as the motifs – no matter whether they are the images, spoken and written phrases, stylistic or structural devices, and other elements such as physical movement, sound, and visual components in the dramatic narratives.

The motif is not essentially the theme and latter is generally defined as the message, statement, and idea, whereas motif is detail repeated for the larger symbolic meaning, and whatever this meaning is. In some other words, the narrative motif –detail repeated in pattern of meaning – will produce the theme; however it will as well make other narrative features distinct from the theme. Nonetheless, distinction between 2 terms stays very difficult to distinguish exactly. For example, term “thematic patterning” is used to describe way where “recurrent thematic concepts” are styled to make meaning, like “moralistic motifs” that found throughout stories epic narrative Thousand n One Nights.

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